Our singer Kit Ashton wins £55k research funding

Y'a du bouôn!

Some exciting news...

We are pleased to announce that our singer Kit Ashton has been awarded a studentship by the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK (AHRC), via the Consortium for Humanities and Arts in the South East (CHASE).

This means Kit will undertake a PhD Music at Goldsmiths College, starting September 2016.

The current working title is:

Applied Ethnomusicology and the Revitalisation of the Endangered Language of Jèrriais: A study of music, language ideology, and cultural identity in Jersey.

Exciting times…

Here’s what one of the local papers said:

JEP Kit Ashton PhD funding


Hécque Badlabecques!

Date Venue Tickets
April 17, 2016 The Star, St. Peter, Jersey

FEST – NOZ at The Star