Our singer Kit Ashton addresses international academics

Kit Ashton has given a short lecture in London about how music could help save endangered languages around the world.

He presented his paper, entitled ‘Singing Identity: Music and Endangered Languages’ at the Special Research Forum, which is a joint venture between Goldsmiths College (University of London), and the University of Osaka in Japan. The forum was a sequel to the symposium called 'Safeguarding the Intangible: Cross-cultural perspectives on Music and Heritage' held in February 2014. Academics and students from all over the world attended for a range of presentations discussing music and heritage.

Kit, who is currently completing a Masters in Music at Goldsmiths, talked about Jersey, and the work being done to revitalise Jèrriais. He discussed the theory behind what Badlabecques do, and how this might apply to other cultures and languages.

You can watch a video of the presentation here:

Kit Ashton presentation - Special Research Forum, Goldsmiths College, University of London 19/2/15 from Kit Ashton on Vimeo.


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